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EARS has been pioneering the application of chlorophyll fluorescence for the measurement of plant photosynthesis since 1983. The first hand held photosynthesis measuring device was launched in 1992. Since then we have continued to work on the development of practical applications and the improvement of the measuring technique.

mini Plant Photosynthesis Meter

The new miniPPM is the third generation of our plant photosynthesis meter. It features the latest innovations in optics and electronics and is based on a new, advanced measuring concept. Electronics innovation and smaller components made it possible to design an entirely new device, much smaller and lighter in weight than previous versions, without compromising on quality and accuracy. Yet the instrument is simple in operation: just  press the button and a photosynthesis measurement is completed within a second. Laboratory tests show excellent properties. Measurements are stable and reproducable.


The basic version of the instrument, the miniPPM-100, measures chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis efficiency. It is low cost and very convenient to farmers and greenhouse growers. With the more advanced model, the miniPPM-200, photosynthetic active radiation and photosynthesis rate are also determined. With this instrument long, unattended measuring series can be done and stored on microSD card or logged to PC. The miniPPM-300 is the most complete scientific and professional version. This instrument is capable of imposing predefined light levels and generating photosynthesis-light curves automatically.


The miniPPM has a wide range of applications in research, education and practice. It is also very suitable for education purposes, and a unique gadget to anyone who wants to know more about the health and growth of plants.